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Use Spotlight on a remote Mac with the help of Folder Actions and Dropbox (and an Alfred extension too)

I’ve thought often of how much it could be useful to be able to do a Spotlight search on your Mac at home when you are away. Just for when You need something you forgot to bring with you. Now I think I’ve found a practical solution. You need the following things to accomplish the [...]

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Clipboard History joiner extension for Alfred

The Clipboard History in Alfred is a great thing and this extension try to use it for a common task: joining several piece of text copied from different sources. Its use is simple… just have Clipboard History enabled in Alfred… An example: you have to copy several pieces of code from an HTML file and [...]

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FileZilla Alfred extension

I’ve made a simple Alfred extension to open an FTP site in Filezilla. You only need to have it defined in your sites in Filezilla and pass its name as an argument to the extension. For example if ¬†you have a site whose name in Filezilla is “mywebserver” just call Alfred and write: fz mywebserver [...]

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