Alfredapp extensions

I think it could be handy to have all the extension I’ve made all in one place.

So here it is… a list of the extension made so far… an some details about new extension I’m working on

First the ones in development:

  • Alfredapp cheat sheet: an extension to have a list of what you have installed as extension and a summary of the shortcuts to use them (it generates a static HTML file with all the details). Made with a php script that analyze the plist files and generate the HTML
  • Show Big Text: an extension to show the text you pass as {query} big on your screen; mainly used for phone numbers (have to learn a bit of Obj-C and Cocoa to do this…)
  • Call a System Service from Alfred: this will require a shell command (in the works, but looks promising – a lot to learn here anyway)

Then the ones made so far:

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